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    Here is what you can to do to find the owner of lost or missing pet.


    1. Secure the dog on a leash. Tell the dog to go home. A dog will most likely lead you to its home if you let it.
    2. Most cats can travel several blocks from their home. Unless a cat takes up residence at your home, do not assume it is lost.
    3. Check the pet for an id tag or take it to your local shelter or veterinarian to check for a microchip.
    4. Check the area where you found the pet for lost posters. Post found posters at major intersections in the same area. Be brief in your description of the pet. Let possible owners describe details of the pet you found. Some cities do not allow you to post flyers.
    5. You must contact your local animal control to leave your information and the found pets description within 24 hours. 
    6. You can place an ad in your local paper(most papers will do this at no cost). Also, check the classified section to see if anyone has reported a lost pet. 
    7. Provide the shelter with a flyer for the general public to view.
    8. Register the found pet with online lost and found websites such as IVHS & SPCA and Craigslist.
    9. Never return a pet unless you are absolutely sure they are the owner. Have the possible owner provide you with vet records, registration information or pictures. 
    10. Remember -  do the right thing.

    PLEASE NOTE: After 7 days from notifying IVHS & SPCA you can claim the dog as your own *. We will give you 30 days from notifying us before you must license the dog. Meaning, you have 30 days to license the dog before penalties will apply. 

    *If you choose to re-home the pet - be advised that an animal owner could still come forward. YOU MUST HAVE MADE EVERY ATTEMPT TO LOCATE THE OWNER AND HAVE CARED FOR THE PET FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. Any disputes regarding pet ownership are consider civil matters and can be resolved in small claims court. 


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