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    Lost Pet Tips

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    MIssing a dog?

    1. Have proof of ownership ready! Pet registration, vet records and pictures are a sure way to prove you are the owner of your pet.
    2. The first 72 hours are critical in finding a lost pet. Start searching the area where your dog was last seen. We recommend a bicycle search to cover the neighborhood quickly. Ask the people in the area if they have seen your dog. The mailman and UPS drivers cover a wide area and can be a great resource.
    3. Contact your local animal control to leave your information and your pets description. Provide the shelter with a flier for the general public to view. Physically check the shelter daily or as often as you can. DO NOT RELY ON ANYONE ELSE TO LOCATE YOUR PET AT THE SHELTER.
    4. Place posters in the area where your pet was last seen.
    5. Place an ad (most papers will do this at no cost) and check the classified section in your local paper.
    6. Register your pet with online lost and found websites such as IVHS & SPCA and Craigslist.
    7. Put your self in your dogs shoes - how would your dog behave if it was lost. Click here to see what category your pet falls into.
    8. Never give up hope.

    Missing a Cat?

    1. Have proof of ownership ready! An ID tag, vet records and pictures are a sure way to prove you are the owner of your pet.
    2. When an Indoor cat escapes it is usually found close to home. Set up a box or pet carrier with a blanket and food. Check it at night when it is quiet. It will usually turn up. You can rent a humane cat trap from us by calling 909-623-9777 ext 688. Outdoor cats can roam several blocks in different directions. You will want to check your local animal shelter as soon as your cats normal routine changes. Check with neighbors and under bushes for your cat.
    3. What kind of cat do you have? Click here to see how your cat would behave it he or she disappeared.
    4. Never give up. 

    Please note that not all pets end up at the shelter. Finders who hold onto a pet can rehome a found pet after making every effort possible to locate an animal owner. 


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