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  • Lost Yellow Cockatiel Bird

    He flew away from West Covina.

    My bird "Freddie" is yellow with black markings on the top of his wings and on his body. He also had gray markings on his chest and cheeks and orange on his cheeks. He responds to the "wolf" whistle, the "charge" whistle and to "You're in the army now". He also responds to "Pretty Bird".  He may whistle back. 
    He likes to eat scrambled eggs, potato chips and Maria wafer cookies. You can try to GENTLY spray a sprinkler hose on him to wet his wings so he won't fly away if found. 
    He flew away from home (cross streets Lark Ellen and Cameron Ave.) toward West Covina HS.He may be landing on yards and trees after having flown away for miles. 
    PLEASE CALL IF FOUND: (626) 533 - 3904


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