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  • I Want To...

    Please help me find & bring her home, where she belongs!?!? As I only think of her... how she is, if she's safe, if she knows Im looking for her, & what I wouldn't do to have her cuddling beside me, happy & content. All I care about is reuniting w/her

    Karma has been missing since 11/29/19 after being in an accident, knocking me out cold & putting me in the hospital, where I woke up desperately looking for her, but unfortunately, I haven't seen my precious baby since. It occurred on Orange Olive Rd between Lincoln and Riverdale in Orange, California.
    I've been relentlessly searching for her, spending nearly every dime I have in hopes of finding & reuniting w/her once again. She isn't chipped, unfortunately. As I never worried about it since she hasn't left my side in the last 14yrs, since I got her at just 4weeks old. I couldn't have ever imagined that something like this would've happened. A decision that I deeply regret, every single day now!
    I was severely injured & had some necessary down time in the hospital, following the accident. Therefore, I wasn't able to properly search for her right away. But after just a weeks time & still badly hurt, I searched for her on foot, hanging flyers all throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. Have had lots of leads but none that've lead to her..
    just dogs who look a lot like her.
    There will be a generous reward for her safe return... absolutely no questions asked. I don't care to know what happened or where she's been, ALL I WANT OR CARE ABOUT IS REUNITING W/MY LITTLE SOUL MATE ONCE AGAIN!


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