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  • Bring Angel Back

    Angel, our 1 year old golden and white Taby, female cat has been missing since 9/23/2019. We couldn't find her anywhere near our home. She is a shy cat and very good at hiding. She has a stiff tail which curles upwards. She weighs about 10 lbs.

    Angel, has been missing since 9/23.2019. She usually roams about in our backyard during the day once in a while for a short time but returns before dark. This time, she left in the late afternoon and did not return all night and is still missing.
    We've put out food, called her name and checked up in the neighborhood a few times with no luck. We suspect that she may have been picked up and is no longer in proximity of us.
    We miss her very much and can't wait to see her again. We hope that she is safe wherever she is in the meantime.
    She is miscro-chiped and we originally got her from the Baldwin Park Animal center. If you find her, please call me at (626)818-3049.
    Thank you for helping us bring Angie back home.


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