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  • Found grey 25 pound dog ontario off walnut/grove

    We found a very dirty dog in front of our house. He is a younger guy,pure bred and very friendly. Please call or text me to identify him (if hes altered or not, photos, identifying features etc) 9092774838

    I found a small/med grey dog (is pure bred) off of grove and walnut. Please feel free to message me photos of your missing pooch or give identifying festures (breed, size, whether he's altered etc) to claim. He seems to be around 9 months to a year (I could be wrong) has been very friendly with my dogs and cats.
    I did bath him and demat him because I couldn't have him dirty in the house. He marks inside so we have to watch him closely.
    He is safe and comfy here, a very sweet guy I want to reunite with his family.
    His butt was very raw from having poop stuck so I soaked it in a soothing shampoo and shaved the hair around his sanitary areas to get everything off. It aready looks way less red and irritated.
    If this may be your pooch lmk.


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