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    Found July 30, 2018 BEIGE FEMALE SHITZU OR LHASO APSO MIX White Ave in La Verne

    *** July 30, 2018***Found Dog*** in La Verne NOT Microchipped. Has a distinctive collar and tag ( without a name or address) MUST DESCRIBE COLLAR, TAG and DISTINCTIVE MARKINGS ON HER BODY AND TRAITS OF DOG) Someone in a Red Jeep Wrangler actually sped up to try and run it over on White Ave in La Verne. Very close to Pomona border 😢😢 FEMALE. Call 626-400-8994 She is currently happy and safe with me in La Verne. She is a long haired and beige/blonde. Posting this flyer from my phone where I have my photos stored not a computer desktop so unable to posta picture. This site only allows uploaded pucs from a computer file. (Please change that feature with IT dept)


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