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  • Spirit is Missing

    Spirit is Missing
    Spirit is Missing

    Senior Ridgeback - Male - thin because of heart condition, missing since Friday Jan 26, 2018

    Lost dog - "Spirit" - male, ridgeback mix.
    He's very thin due to age and heart condition.
    He has been still missing.Lost from our house Friday evening Jan 26th. when a worker left a gate open.
    We have posted flyers and walked and driven the neighborhoods. 1 person called and said they thought he had been hit by a car but had still run off. We are continuing to search but are losing hope. (He is a senior dog - 13 years old, has a heart condition and is very thin)
    We have contacted shelters and vets, and we try to keep checking for new arrivals at the shelters, but no luck. Please be looking for him and let us know if you see him.
    Please call any time. We will come get him.
    Lost from our house Friday evening Jan 26th.
    (1 block north of G Street, 1 block east of San Antonio Ave in Ontario.
    Sandy 626 367 9605 or Sylvia 626 393 5507


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