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  • Lost Parakeet

    Lost Parakeet
    Lost Parakeet

    I've lost three parakeet when a strong wind blew their cage hanging outside and the cage fell and the floor and broke. All three parakeets flew away.

    Was lost on December 5, 2017, at my house between the area stretch from Maple Hill Elementary to Chaparral Middle School.
    Parakeet 1: "Light"
    -blue body
    -white head
    -brown beak
    -slightly blue feet
    Parakeet 2: "Shadow"
    -grey body
    -white head
    -brown beak
    Parakeet 3: "Lily"
    -Adult male parakeet
    -blue beak
    -yellow head
    -blue tail
    -green body with mixed yellowish barrier
    Please text or call
    (909) 696 5668
    If found


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