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  • Found Senior Husky

    Found Senior Husky
    Found Senior Husky

    Our 2 white huskies were barking incessantly in the morning time, and to our surprise, we found "Meatball" (as we have nicknamed him for now) lying cold and wet at our front door on 11/1/17. I have called and notified the IV Human Society and left my info

    Breed: Husky
    Fur: Cream with Gray-Brown tips
    Eye color: Blue
    Demeanor: Calm and gentle
    Est Age: ~8-9 y/o
    Weight: ~100lbs
    Area found: 1 mile away from Pantera Park/Diamond Bar Dog Park
    Other notes: Knows "sit" and has low energy. Has a limp from age/weight. No collar/tags.
    Contact: Kay (909)569-5121


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