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  • Found White Female Chihuahua

    Found a this sweet doggy in our backyard. In Las Colinas, Rialto.

    She was scared and sketchy at first. She was drawn to my kids. I'm thinking she may have had kids in her family. She welps whenever I open my sliding door looking in. Indicating she may have been an indoor dog. She gets along with my other male doggies who are neutered. Gets along with my Bunnies who are in their hutch. She doesn't bark whatsoever. She has gotten used to us and now allows us to get close to her. She was skin and bones when we first found her. And although it's only been a few nights, she already seems healthier. We found her Sunday night 06/04/2017. Unable to upload image. Please contact me for more information. 760-488-7231. I can text the image.


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