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  • Found Chihuahua mix female dog

    Found small Chihuahua mix on Mission Blvd in Ontario, between Archibald and Grove on May 13, 2017.

    Found a small female Chihuahua mix dog dodging traffic on Mission Blvd in a mostly commercial area, not close to any houses. The dog is about 10 pounds, was not wearing a collar. Took the dog to my vet and the dog is about 2-3 years old, does not have a microchip, is not spayed and is currently in her heat cycle, had fleas but is in decent shape otherwise. Had to have been someone's pet because the dog is housebroken. Not leash or crate trained (yet). Has no problem with the other dogs in my house both big and small, and just wants to sit on your lap all day or sleep in your bed under the covers. Does have a tendency to become very attached to one person and does not do well left alone. Please TEXT me at (909) 225-5465.


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