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  • my courious cat

    Starting a new job in a different environment.

    Being a male cat from the mountains and mostly around just our dogs my cat wondered off.
    We recently moved to Ontario for a new job which is on the corner of E Francis and Baker .
    BABY (my cat name) being a male cat saw-another cat for the first time since his litter. So of course he wondered off . The last time I saw him he was at my job site he doesn't have a collor cuz he flips out having one on. He is a beautiful flurry white and grey male cat with a bit of tabby stripe in his tail . He is my baby and I love the hell out of him . So if he is seen please contact me . He is very much loved. If called he answer you. He is very friendly and used to dogs. Last seen on 2/22/2017


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