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  • She found me

    Last Saturday on my way to church, this lost soul caught my eye and made a silent call for help. My spirit wouldn't let me pass the worrisome scene, I was compelled to assist.

    She was tracking a lady walking her dog. While at the streetlight the brown Labrador appeared to attack this friendly soul looking for companionship. I witnessed the confusion as she then ran into the streets at Citrus and Gladstone which is very busy at 1:00pm. I pulled up, she jumped in my car, I asked around with no luck. We visited nearby Azusa Animal Hospital and learned of no chip and of course, no tags or leash. I missed church that day to be cognizant of this dog's safety. She's been with my guy (Shepherd mix - Klaus) and, our loving home every since. If not claimed, rest assured, she'll be in good hands forevermore.
    Wishing all well,


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