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  • Missing Fred

    Fred is a 10 year old lab/border collie mix who is very friendly. On 8/23 Fred was last seen on 3rd St in La Verne. We think he went out the garage into the alley when we got home and didn't see him, so we closed the garage leaving him in the alley.

    Fred is a very friendly 10 year old lab/border collie mix black with dabs of white mainly on his chest and around his mouth. Last night I pulled my car in the garage and I believe Fred went out into the alley without me realizing it and I shut the garage leaving him in the alley. Normally, he would just walk around to the front of the house and lay on the front porch until someone figured out he was missing and got him. Last night, I was caring for a friend who just had surgery and I didn't notice that Fred was not in the house. His usual sleeping spot in next to my bed so when he wan't there last night, I figured he was sleeping on the floor next to my friend. When I woke up this morning I realized he was not in the house.....He has a collar on with my phone number but so far have not gotten any calls. We have combed the neighborhood to no avail. We miss him.


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