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  • Found: 3 year old black lab in Pomona


    On Friday August 5th a family in Pomona found a black lab running in the street near East End and Phillips Blvd and almost got hit by a vehicle. They posted the animal on some of the lost and found sites on Facebook. This family could not keep the dog as they already have four dogs. We volunteered to take her in and see if the owners can be found.
    We took the dog to the vet as it was very thin and was flee and tick infested. The vet thinks this dog has been on the streets for some time now. We will foster this dog through the week and if the owner has not come up we will keep her in our family.
    If the owner does come forward you will need to prove that this dog was yours as well as pay for the vet bills that we paid out.
    My number is (626) 786-4877.


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